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Ralph Metzner – Narration 
Byron Metcalf – Drums, percussion, synthesizer 
Dashmesh Khalsa – Synthesizers, didgeridoo 


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Byron Metcalf at

The Lair, Prescott Valley, AZ 
Dashmesh Khalsa’s parts recorded at Lapis Studio, Scottsdale, AZ 


Cover Image Photograph - Taylor Anderson 

Cover design  - Richard Blum 

Available as a download or stream:




Völuspa is a fascinating creation myth – a powerful journey of death, destruction and renewal. The Völuspa is one of the poetic songs of the Elder Edda, which were first compiled and written down in the 13th century in Iceland. It is believed that many of the anonymous songs of the Elder Edda were composed and recited several hundred years before that, some perhaps as early as the fifth or sixth century CE. Since it was written in the Old Norse language and script, Ralph Metzner consulted several modern English and German translations to arrive at this version. Völuspa means “Visions of the Völva.” Völvas were clairvoyant prophetic seeresses in the pre-Christian Nordic culture. In this poem an unnamed völva is relating her visions in response to questions posed to her by Odin/Wodan, the knowledge-seeking god of shamans, warriors and poets.



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