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Seeking Jordan

How I learned the Truth about Death and the Invisible Universe 


By Matthew McKay, Ph.D.

With a Foreword by Ralph Metzner.

2016. New World Library, Novato, CA


Available from New World Library



The tragic and violent death of Matthew McKay’s son sent him on a turbulent intellectual and emotional pilgrimage to discover the meaning and truth of our existence. Matt, a professional psychologist and educator committed to the materialist paradigm at the core of the modern social sciences, consulted

me because he knew of the death of my eight-year-old son in a bicycle accident forty years ago. This short book, 150 pages,  is the account of Matt’s mythic-psychic journey to reconnect with the immortal soul of his beloved son and reestablish the connection that had been ruptured by Jordan’s early and violent death. He made a conscious connection with Jordan’s soul and they started having a series of conversations, in a kind of intentional waking trance state which I encouraged him to record.


This book is the record and outcome of these father-son conversations across the divide of that journey “from which no traveler returns”. These conversations are then interspersed with the lucid trance state explorations into other lifetimes that Matt and his son Jordan had shared, that seemed to have resonances with their present life as father and son. The book also contains the observations and recollections of Eli Jacobson, a high-school friend of Jordan, giving a more complete and nuanced portrait of the deceased young man in the last few years of his life. This book documents the paradigm-expanding journey of a psychotherapist and social scientist led by his own experience to recognize the reality of a multidimensional universe. 






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