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Online Course Descriptions

Understanding and Navigating Your Soul’s Journey –
From Before Birth to After Death (Fall 2017)

In this course you will learn to identify the six great stations and phases of your soul's journey through human life: incarnation and conception; birth and infancy; the springtime of youth; the mid-life turning; old age, elderhood and dying; the hereafter and rebirth.

In six one and a half hour video talks and Q & A discussions, illustrated by diagrams from Ralph's major work Ecology of Consciousness, you will be exploring new approaches to realms of consciousness that are traditionally considered the deepest spiritual mysteries of our lives.

Comparing and integrating insights from entheogenic experiences, shamanic journeys, breathwork, hypnotherapy, as well as meditative experiences and dreams, we find remarkable convergences of modern findings with esoteric teachings, both Eastern and Western. Through this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the totality of your life cycle, from before conception and birth to the after-death realms and reincarnation.

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Understanding and Navigating Your States of Consciousness

(Spring 2017)



In this course we learn how to identify the fundamental states of consciousness, each of which has its own characteristic mindspace and timestream. We need to learn how to navigate these states and apply them with conscious intention to benefit from the opportunities and learn from the challenges.


Here are the titles of the six sessions of that class and a link to the detailed descriptions.

1. The Janus Model of the Life-World and Self-System
2. Stages of the Life Cycle
3. Stages, Levels and States of Consciousness

4. Four Familiar States: Waking, Sleeping, Dreaming, Meditating
5. High and Low Energy, Pleasurable and Painful States

6. Expanded, Contracted and Dissociated States

Finding the Pathways of Your Soul in the World

(Summer 2016)


We sense intuitively that as a human soul we are here on Earth for a purpose. Spiritual and shamanic traditions speak about seeking and finding a vision for your life. Who am I? Why am I here? Why did my soul choose to be born into this family, at this time, in this place? What are the pathways in which I can express my creative vision and talents?


This course follows the outline of chapters in my book, The Six Pathways of Destiny , published by Regent Press and available here:


1. The Explorer, the Scientist, the Seeker, the Pioneer
2. The Healer, the Shaman, the Therapist, the Peacemaker
3. The Artist, the Story Teller, the Poet, the Musician
4. The Teacher, the Historian, the Social Scientist, the Journalist
5. The Warrior, the Guardian, the Reformer, the Activist
6. The Builder, the Organizer, the Producer, the Engineer


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