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New Earth Tarot Handbook


By Kate Silver

Deck co-created by Kate Silver & Charlene Delong.

Foreword by Stan Grof. Preface by Ralph Metzner. 

Sebastopol, CA: Silver Dog Press. 2016.


Available from


Numerous artists, philosophers and spiritual counselors have lent their artistic and poetic gifts to create ever new versions of the ancient divinatory system known as Tarot. What we have in the New Earth Tarot  by Kate Silver and Charlene Delong is a divination deck with several distinctive features that speak to our present time and 21st century culture. The 22 Major Arcana are given vivid re-visioning as archetypal images in the Jungian sense – primordial images in the shared 

cultural unconscious. Such archetypal images can appear in our dreams and visions, in pieces of art or in spectacular natural scenes that move us in a deep way.


The term “divination” means that we are intentionally opening ourselves to receive “divine” or spiritual messages and guidance for our lives, our relationships, our soul’s path. One of the innovations in the New Earth Tarot  that I particularly appreciate is that instead of the traditional four “court cards” of King, Queen Knight and Page, which reflected the European medieval world with its rigid distinctions between the feudal aristocracy, the knighthood  and the commoners, the authors have related the “people cards” to the developmental life cycle and basic gender polarity. So we have Child, Adolescent, Woman and Man. This innovation is much more likely to meet the needs and wishes of contemporary people for access to these ancient symbolic wisdom teachings. 



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