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Alchemical Musings
Regent Press January 1st. 2020

Over an arc of some 50 years, Ralph Metzner practiced using alchemical processes for inner transformation. Alchemical Musings combines his earliest writing on alchemy with his last writings on alchemical terms. Ralph developed his own connection to alchemy first through an embodied practice of light fire-yoga called Agni Yoga. He worked with the concepts of alchemy in his everyday self-observation and in his work with students and clients that often included, in addition to Agni Yoga, working with altered states of consciousness, including psychedelics, which he notes in the text as “the new alchemy.” Ralph first wrote about alchemy in his early 30s, included in his book Maps of Consciousness, which was published in 1971. This book Alchemical Musings is one of three books to be published that he worked on during the last year of his life. This book was completed after his death in March 2019 by his wife, Cathy Coleman, and his editor/agent, Simon Warwick-Smith. The alchemical musings and metaphors in this volume bookends his adult lifetime, and is an alchemical transmutation of his lifelong opus into gold. The foreword is written by his wife, who was an early student of Ralph’s alchemical teachings at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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