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life cycle book

The Life Cycle of the Human Soul
Incarnation - Conception - Birth
Death - Hereafter - Reincarnation


Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.

German Translation available here

In the last fifty years in the West, there have been a number of pioneering new approaches for accessing realms of consciousness that are traditionally considered the deepest spiritual mysteries. In this book I discuss the experience of birth and of prenatal life, the unconscious psychic imprints of the conception event, the soul’s choosing of a human incarnation and the connection with familial ancestors. I also discuss the experience of death of the physical body and the soul’s life in the intermediate realms before choosing rebirth into another life. I draw on empirical observations from psychedelic experiences, meditation, shamanic journeys, near-death experiences, deep altered state hypnotherapy, states induced by special breathing practices and findings from the experiential practices of my alchemical divination workshops.

Table of Contents:

Birth – Traumatic Realities, Ecstatic Potentials
Prenatal Imprints and Ancestral Connections
Death and Hereafter
Life Between Lives
From Incarnation to Conception and Rebirth
References and Select Bibliography

Appendix: On the mediumship of William Shakespeare

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