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al div

Alchemical Divination
Accessing your spiritual intelligence
for healing and guidance

alchemical divination

Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.
123 pages

German Translation available here

Alchemy, like shamanism and yoga, with which it is related, involves teachings and practices of physical, psychic and spiritual transformation. Divination is the practice of seeking healing and spiritual guidance from inner sources of wisdom and knowledge. The basic purpose of the alchemical divination processes is to help individuals obtain problem resolution and visionary inspiration for their life path in its interpersonal, professional, creative and spiritual dimensions.


Table of Contents:

  • Shamanism, Yoga and Alchemy
  • What is Divination?
  • The Seven Phases of Divination Rituals
  • Alchemical Light-Fire Yoga
  • The Life-World and Self-System
  • Stages of the Life Cycle
  • The Well of Memory and the Tree of Visions
  • Appendix: The Three Chambers or Essence-Fields
  • Notes & References

“Experiencing the divinations with Ralph Metzner, my work took a dive into the divine patterns that guide me now. The structure of the divinations has been a powerful new force for meaning and guidance, bringing me into harmony with the maps of all time, making my time here more creative, useful and fulfilling.”
-Jodie Evans, Co-Founder CODEPINK.

“Ralph Metzner skillfully and heartfully offers innovative practices that transmute the dark mysteries of the subconscious into alchemical gold, expanding our knowledge of ourselves and promoting wholeness. (This) powerful experiential methodology and teaching elucidate the universal structures that underlie transformative praxis.” -Leslie Conton, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, Teacher of Shamanism.

“The divinations have helped me find my path to service, and I have been able to utilize the practices for many years when I needed personal guidance through the tangled paths of life. I have also been able to incorporate the heart of these divination practices in the trainings and programs I give in work in international leadership development.” -Joseph Friedman.

“Working with Ralph’s alchemical divination practices has led me to in-credible healing and greater consciousness. His vast knowledge, navigational skills and mastery as a visionary guide have opened doors I never thought existed. All areas of my life have improved, I am more grounded, centered, aware and happier. This is reflected in my yoga teaching, my coaching and in my personal relationships.” —Briege Aranaga, Yoga Teacher and Personal Coach.

“The wisdom and insight that I have received during Ralph Metzner’s
divination workshops have been profoundly beneficial to me personally. With great gratitude, I see also that I am a more skillful psychologist as a result of attending these workshops. Ralph has created a powerful set of tools for visioning and healing wisdom that we need in these difficult times.” —Janis Phelps, Ph.D. Professor of Clinical Psychology and Therapist.

“Ralph Metzner, in the wise elder phase of his life, after many pioneering journeys into the nature of human consciousness, brings us highly effective means of accessing deep insight and healing that he calls Alchemical Divination. I have personally found his work to be life transforming and extraordinarily wise. This is a transmission not to be missed!” —Rabbi Michael Ziegler.

“I have had the privilege of participating in Dr. Metzner’s Alchemical Divinations on several occasions. Through his guidance I have healed past traumas, deepened my love and compassion for my parents, grandparents and sister, and have found greater clarity about my life purpose. His work is both practical and appeals to my imagination. I come away inspired, softened, and with a much broader vision of what my life is about. I use what I have learned through these processes in my own life and with my clients.” —Athena Katsaros, Life Coach and Workshop Leader.

“Repeated experience with Ralph Metzner’s alchemical divinations has led me to a deepening resolution of emotional and spiritual issues within myself and my family and has allowed my life to more fully rest on a foundation profoundly connected with the Earth and her mythologies.” —John Westover, Psychotherapist.

“Ralph Metzner’s divination practices represent alchemy for our time, our place, our predicament. They are relevant and useful – an organized tried and true system for self-transformation. It is a way of re-membering.” —Phil Baum, Counselor, explorer, grandfather.

“Working with Ralph’s divination process has been a powerful tool for me in my personal evolution. I have had invaluable insights about every aspect of my life. He is a master at this work and a treasure in my life.” —Jill Moore, Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator.

“The Alchemical Divination processes and teachings offer a human techno-logy for accessing the inner realms, bringing human beings into contact with the healing powers of the psyche. Ralph’s work helps open doors into the mysteries like no other, and here one may find the great grace that exists between the worlds as the imagination opens and offers its hand in collaborative relationship with humans. These times we are in require new alignment between the realms and Ralph’s work helps people of many walks of life create bridges that assist in collaboration and new flow of creative life energy between heaven and earth. The impact of Ralph Metzner’s work is utterly life changing -- for humans, the spiritual realms, and our planet.” —Monika Wikman, Ph.D. Jungian Analyst, Author of Pregnant Darkness: Alchemy and the Rebirth of Consciousness.



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