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The Six Pathways of Destiny

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Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.
134 pages - Regent Press

German Translation available here

Each of us, as a human soul, incarnates by choice with a vision for this life – what we came here to do and to be. The soul chooses one or more of six great archetypal pathways in which to develop its talents and realize its vision – Healer/Peacemaker, Explorer/Scientist, Warrior/Guardian, Artist/Musician, Teacher/Historian, Builder/Organizer. Each of the pathways is not only a career or a profession, our work in the world, each is also at a deeper level a pathway for manifesting our soul’s destiny.


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - Pathways of Destiny
  • 1. The Artist, the StoryTeller, the Poet, the Musician
  • 2. The Builder, the Organizer, the Producer, the Engineer
  • 3. The Explorer, the Scientist, the Seeker, the Pioneer
  • 4. The Healer, the Shaman, the Therapist, the Peacemaker
  • 5. The Teacher, the Historian, the Social Scientist, the Journalist
  • 6. The Warrior, the Guardian, the Reformer, the Activist
  • Epilog I: The Epic Poets of Ancient and Medieval Times
  • Epilog II: Medieval Troubadours and Mystic Poets
  • Select Bibliography
  • Divinatory Questions on the Six Life Paths




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