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Northern California River Watch

The Northern California River Watch's mission is to preserve and protect the waters of Northern California, including its streams, creeks, lakes, rivers, bays, and wetlands, through education, pollution prevention, enforcement, and preservation.

NCRW believes that one of the most effective means to control and prevent pollution is to prevent it from occurring at the source. Therefore, NCRW will offer a program of services to business. Some services will be free others will be offered at cost. Once a polluter has been identified, NCRW will seek means to abate the pollution and see that current Federal and State laws are enforced. This may entail notifying the local offfcials, including police, district attorney and Regional Water Quality Control Board. This may also entail filling a citizens action against the polluter in order to bring enforcement. 

To receive information about River Watch's activities and supporting membership, contact them at:
NCRW, 6741 Sebastopol Ave., Suite 140, Sebastopol, CA 95472.






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