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Selected Ecological And Enviromental Organizations

Alastair McIntosh -
McIntosh is an ecologist, writer and activist living in Glasgow, Scotland. He is the author of Soil and Soul-People vs Corporate Power, and teaches at the Centre for Human Ecology at Edinburgh University.

Awakening Earth - Founded by Duane Elgin, media activist and author of the best-seller Voluntary Simplicity, Awakening Earth is dedicated to research and learning that fosters a sustainable, compassionate, and creative future. This site provides reports, books and resources in four major areas: indicators of global consciousness change, voluntary simplicity, media activism, and the evolution of human culture and consciousness.

Bioneers Conference - The annual Bioneers conference, usually held in the Bay Area in the Fall, has grown to be an outstanding assembly of visionary activists, organizers and speakers on topics such as restoration, ecology, bioremediation, alternative health, indigenous land practices, green medicine, natural capitalism, relation to place and others. Founded by Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons of the Collective Heritage Institute in Santa Fe.

The Boulder Institute of Nature and the Human Spirit
This program was founded by long-term peace and ecology activists Elias Amidon and Elizabeth Roberts, who also edited the best-selling books Earth Prayers and Life Prayers. The aim is to
promote just and sacred relationships among people and between people and the land. They sponsor peace pilgrimages to places like Iraq, Palestine and Syria, as well as spiritual retreats and wilderness journeys.

Center for Food Safety - The Center for Food Safety is a Washington, D.C. based advocacy and lobbying organization working to put legal and political pressure on congress and government agencies concerned with food and the environment. Their current efforts are focussed on protecting the organic food labeling rules from being weakened (by allow radiation and other toxins to be included) and on legislation requiring food producers to label genetically engineered foods. Founded by public-interest attorney Andrew Kimbrell.

Center for New American Dream
is a not-for-profit membership-based organization dedicated to reducing and shifting North American consumption while fostering opportunities for people to lead more secure and fulfilling lives. The organization helps individuals, communities, and businesses establish sustainable practices that will ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

Conservation Economy - is a framework for ecological "pattern analysis", developed by Stuart Cowan and associates. It takes the "pattern language" approach of architect Christopher Alexander and extends it to the bioregional scale and social complexity of a conservation economy. The framework relies on The Natural Step, for its basic condition of sustainability; and describes patterns such as "natural capital and ecosystem services", "resource efficiency", "phasing out of toxicity", "sustainable agriculture", "cultural preservation", and others.

The Current Mass Extinction
Also referred to by evolutionary biologists as the "Sixth Extinction" (the Fifth being the one at the Cretaceous/Jurassic transition that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago) this is the biggest mass extinction of animal and plant species in human experience. And it is obviously caused, directly and indirectly, by human industrial activity. This site, created by CIIS professor David Ulansey, and featured in Natural History magazine, gives more than 200 links to authoritative reports and updates about the current mass extinction.

The Earth Charter - The Earth Charter is an important document for global political initiatives, that a group of international scientists and religious leaders worked on, under UN auspices for over ten years. It has gone through many revisions and consultations, and has been adopted by numerous countries around the world as a basis for action. The subtitle is "Values and Principles for a Sustainable Future", and it includes 16 principles organized in the following four categories: 1) Respect and care for the community of life; 2) ecological integrity; 3) social and economic justice; 4) democracy, nonviolence and peace. It's highly recommended for individuals and groups to endorse and sign on to the Charter, to use it in schools and communities and discuss and distribute as widely as possible.

Earth Island Institute and Journal - This is the organization founded by David Brower, and dedicated to "innovative action for the environment". EII functions as an umbrella group for numerous activist projects, including Marine Mammal Protection, Lake Baikal Preservation, the Sacred Lands Film Project, and others. It also publishes Earth Island Journal, the best environmental journal that I know, carrying information from all over the world.

Eco-Compass (Island Press) - This site is associated with Island Press, the leading American publisher of exclusively environmental books. The site provides access to a huge database of information for educators, researchers, environmental professionals, students and activists. The site is organized by the four main areas of ecosystems, community issues, global change and economics.
EcoIQ is defined as "the capacity to make decisions that are both economically and ecologically intelligent." The site exists as a resource gateway, to support and promote a transition to sustainability. It claims to be a portal to more than 10,000 links. Many educational resources - books, videos, speakers, etc.

Environmental Ethics - This site is focused on the philosophical research and writing on environmental ethics. Under the editorship of Eugene Hargrove, the journal Environmental Ethics is the leading medium for academic environmental philosophy. the journal is published by the Environmental Ethics center at the University of North Texas, Denton. The site has links to numerous other environmental sites, including extensive eco-philosophical bibliographies.

Forum on Religion and Ecology (FORE) - This site is designed for scholars, professionals and laypersons who are interested in the intersection of religion and ecology, both as a field of study and as a seminal component of environmental policy. FORE was founded and directed by two religious scholars, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John A. Grim, who have edited a series of books on the ecology in the major religious traditions. The site contains curricula for college courses, as well as materials related to the religions' cosmology, rituals and sacred texts, annotated bibliographies.

Global Footprint Network -Advancing the Science of Sustainability -Our mission is to promote a sustainable economy by advancing the Ecological Footprint, a measurement tool that makes the reality of planetary limits relevant to decision-makers.

International Forum on Globalization
This is an international alliance of activists, scholars, thinkers, writers, including Ralph Nader, Jerry Mander, Vandana Shiva, and others, who are waging a powerful critical movement against the seemingly relentless onslaught of so-called "free trade" globalization, (really the most extensive power grab by the international capitalist class ever mounted). The battle in Seattle over the WTO, and other protest actions, showed that this movement is not unstoppable. The IFG conducts seminars and teach-ins in major cities, and has published a multi-author powerful book on Alternatives to Globalization, which I (RM) have used in my classes at CIIS, and which has now come out in an updated second edition.

Joanna Macy
"For peace, justice, and life on Earth, fresh ways of seeing arise, and ancient ways return.
This website opens doors to the new bodies of thought, time-tested spiritual practices, and pioneering group methods, that I find to be powerful inspirations to understanding and action. I share these resources in service to the revolution of our time: the Great Turning, from the Industrial Growth Society to a life-sustaining civilization." Key aspects of Joanna's work are: its sources in Buddhist teachings, living systems theory, deep ecology; experiential methods for group learning, the Work that Reconnects, including despair work, deep ecology work, and deep time work; Nuclear Guardianship; Council of All Beings, and Elm Dance.

Political Ecology Group - The PEG is a grassroots, multi-racial and multi-issue organization working for environmental justice locally, nationally, and internationally. We work towards a future in which our environment, healthy communities, and human rights come first. PEG's campaigns build alliances to confront racism, corporate power, and environmental destruction. PEG brings people together for participatory education, leadership development, to reframe public debate and take collective action.

Pollution Scorecard - This service, established by the Environmental Defense Fund, publishes data on chemical and air pollution, toxics and hazardous wastes, for every area in the country. You just enter your zip code and find out what pollutants are being released into your community, and who is responsible. Lists the top ten most polluted counties in the US.

The Post-Carbon Institute
Based on the work of Richard Heinberg (author of The Party's Over, and Power Down), Julian Darley (High Noon for Natural Gas) and other author-activists, this organization and website are dedicated to the issues of "learning to live in a low energy world". Based on the looming economic melt-down referred to as Peak Oil, these writers try to make us understand that the era of cheap oil, that has driven the world economy for the last 100 years or so, is essentially over - a monumental shift in the basics of industrical civilization. We're in the collapsing or crash phase now, and will be for the next 20 to 50 years. Noone knows what can come after that.

Sacred Earth - This is a UK-based educational forum and networking resource for ethnobotany and ecotravel, featuring articles, book lists, organizational links and other information. The ethnobotany section is very rich, featuring extended articles on food plants, healing plants, sacred plants and indigenous knowledge systems.

Elisabet Sahtouris - Sahtouris is a biologist/philosopher, author of the best book on the Lovelock/Margulis Gaia theory, Earth Dance. This site also covers her interests in the abolition of nuclear energy and weapons, on ending corporate governance and on renewable energy sources. Excellent and informative.

Sentient Experientials (Grupo Osanimi) - This is a program of experiential wilderness journeys to the Ecuadorian Amazon, titled "Nature as Teacher, Indigenous Wisdom and Rainforest Conservation Strategies". Academic course credit is given by the California Institute of Integral Studies. Primary teachers are the renowned visionary ayahuasca painter Don Pablo Amaringo, and ethnobotanist Jonathon Miller-Weisberger, who has been living and working in Ecuador for over twenty years. The program and student participants will work with, learn from and contribute to the ecological and cultural conservation efforts of Grupo Osanimi and the Secoya Indians of the Upper Napo region.

Sustainability Partners
Founded and directed by Brian Natrass and Mary Altomare, author(s) of The Natural Step for Business, and Dancing with the Tiger - Learning Sustainability Step by Step, Sustainability Partners is a corporate consulting firm that guides corporations and organizations towards sustainability. Their mission is "to drive pace-setting innovation in both products and processes - utilizing the power of values as an engine of innovation - increasing shareholder value while buildinga more sustainable world". Their clients are huge corporations, and include the US Army. They have discovered "the benefits of analyzing strategy and operations through the lens of specific values, such as environmental sustainability or community responsibility."

Tree of Life (Biodiversity) - This is a scientific, educational , multi-authored, distributed Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity. Coordinator is David Maddison from the University of Arizona. The Tree of Life is a project containing information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics. The information is linked together in the form of the evolutionary tree that connects all organisms to each other.

Worldwatch Institute - Worldwatch is a nonprofit public policy research organization, founded by Lester Brown, dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems. They publish the comprehensive annual State of the World reports, as well as numerous other books, surveys, research reports and a magazine. All of their databases and reports are available online.

YESWorld (Youth for Environmental Sanity)
YES! is a non-profit organization that connects, inspires and empowers young changemakers to join forces for a thriving, just, and sustainable way of life for all. Founded in 1990 by a 16-year old and 19-year old, this dynamic group of young people helps youth say "yes" to living with meaning, integrity and commitment. They organize speakers for schools, hold youth workshops and trainings, have organized gang truces, started recycling programs, combated stereotypes and prejudice barriers in schools, initiated community gardens, pushed for organic and vegetarian options in school cafeterias, and many more similar projects.





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