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1. PDF eBooks Read PDF ebooks on your computer just as you would any other PDF file, using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (Reader is available for free from Adobe at The PDF versions of our ebooks are basically facsimiles of the print versions of our books. These ebooks have a fixed pagination format, which means that page 1 in the PDF ebook will look the same as page 1 in the print version. You can use search features on your devices or in your applications to find particular words and phrases, and hyperlinks to locations within the ebook and to outside references are generally live and accessible in PDF ebooks. You can also print pages from your PDF ebooks, if you want to have certain pages on paper.

2. Where will my PDF be downloaded? After your order is processed, you will be sent an email with information and a link to your digital book. Click on the link to download. Your eBook will be downloaded onto the computer you use for the download. The default download location is usually your desktop. If, after downloading, you can’t locate your eBook on your computer, you can perform a search.

The following books are available on PDF:

#1: The Expansion of Consciousness





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